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On August 15th, there is a Festival in Hora on Alonissos, in which there is a representation of a traditional wedding. During this festivity, the visitors attend an entertaining, let alone very special local custom. The preparation of the bridegroom takes place in Konstantina Studios, where the best man comes to meet him. With the accompaniment of the local orchestra playing traditional music, they both head to the bride’s place, the Traditional House (museum) walking through scenic traditional paths of Hora. Next, they all together head to the central square, where there is great merriment with live music, dancing and cheerfulness.
The talented artistic group Amateur Theatre Company – GITs (Greek Island Thespians) holds original entertaining events in the garden of Konstantina Studios during summer.

In July, there is a representation of traditional threshing with mules. The day the event takes place is defined anew every year depending on the general program of the summer events.

Alonissos Challenge has been organized on the island for the last ten years by the Cultural Athletic Social Action Organization. The event takes place every May. It is a race, taking place in the context of “Exercise for all” that includes 3 footraces of 30km, 10km and 2km distance respectively and a 15km hiking course for hikers.

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On the patron day of the island, the feast of Saint Paraskevi, on July 26th, there is a local Festival taking place. A day before there is a procession of the icon of the Saint in Patitiri.

On the feast of St Konstantinos and Eleni, on May 21st, in the chapel of “Psili Rahi”, there is divine service conducted and afterwards a fair with braised goat served, accompanied with spaghetti and hot rice pudding offered to all the guests.

In spring, on the day of the feast of St George, divine service is conducted in the homonymous chapel followed by a fair during which the guests celebrate all day long broiling meat and drinking wine.

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